Lab Errors Resulting in Misdiagnosis

Getting to the truth about medical lab mistakes

When a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, lab technician, radiologist or other hospital or clinic staff personnel makes a mistake, that mistake can have serious consequences. Clinic and hospital lab errors can mean being treated for the wrong condition or not treated for an existing condition. Lab mistakes can involve a variety of things, for example:

  • Mistakes in testing can lead to incorrect results
  • A mistake is made in recording results
  • Your test results can be mixed up with someone else’s
  • An improper reading of an X-ray or MRI can miss or exaggerate findings

A medical lab mistake can mean the wrong treatment, no treatment when needed, misdiagnosis, the wrong medication being prescribed, a real problem being ignored. Your medical records belong to you – including lab reports. If you or a loved one has been injured and you suspect a lab mistake, ask an experienced attorney to review the records.

At Lommen Abdo, our lawyers are familiar with medical records, and we work with of practicing physicians to evaluate those records.

If you suspect a lab mistake caused injury or death, call us.

Clinics and hospital laboratories make mistakes. When those mistakes result in harm to a patient, the lab should be held accountable for negligence. If you have reason to suspect a lab made an error that caused injury, call 612.255.6576 or send us an email for a free consultation with a medical malpractice attorney. We represent clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin.