Minneapolis Radiology Error Attorney

When a radiologist misreads an X–ray or MRI

And X–ray, MRI or CT scan can be invaluable in diagnosing a medical condition — or in ruling out suspected conditions. When a radiologist misreads or misinterprets the test results, a patient can be mistakenly subjected to unnecessary treatment, the wrong treatment or no treatment.

  • When a cancer is missed, for example, the cancer is given more time to grow — and possibly grow beyond any hope of control or cure.
  • A radiological error that causes a misdiagnosis can mean the patient is treated for a disease he or she does not have.
  • If the radiology lab mixes up tests or misidentifies tests, one patient could be treated for another patient’s disease.

Radiology offers excellent opportunities to explore what is happening inside a patient. But when the results are misread, mislabeled or misinterpreted, the result can be serious harm, up to and including an unnecessary death. The victim deserves justice and financial compensation.

If a radiology error caused serious injury, talk to an attorney.

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