Sexual Misconduct by a Medical Professional

When a doctor or other medical caregiver sexually exploits a patient

Physician sexual misconduct exploits patients and undermines their trust in the medical profession. Sexual misconduct between a doctor and patient includes sex, seductive talk, inappropriate touching and flirting. These sexual violations clearly weaken a patient’s trust and violate the responsibilities of physicians to patients.

The Minnesota Board of Medical Practice reported that two percent of all physician complaints involved some type of sexual activity with a patient. Other surveys have shown that nine percent of doctors admit having sexual contact with patients in the past, and 23 percent of patients report past sexual contact with physicians. Health services professions agree that sexual misconduct between doctors and their patients is dangerous and shouldn’t be tolerated.

Sexual misconduct by a doctor, nurse or other caregiver can include:

  • Criticism of a patient’s sexual orientation
  • Sexualized comments
  • Improper remarks about a patient’s body
  • Requesting details of sexual history when inappropriate
  • Inappropriate examination of a patient
  • Inappropriate body contact

Medical professionals who cross the line with any patient not only damage or risk their professional reputations, but they also jeopardize their patients’ health, physically and mentally. Whether you are male or female, whether the doctor is male or female, sexual misconduct is against all professional ethics and standards.

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