Minnesota Emergency Room Negligence Attorney

Holding the ER accountable for mistakes that cause patient injuries

Unfortunately, errors that occur in medical settings often go unreported. But healthcare professionals should be held accountable for injuries that occur through their direct actions or negligence. Injuries and serious side effects can occur when a trained health care professional makes a mistake in the emergency room. Do not allow a serious injury to go unreported and unaccounted for. Talk to a medical malpractice lawyer about your rights.

Emergency room errors can include:

  • Administration of the wrong medication
  • Administration of the wrong treatment
  • Administration of the wrong medical dosage
  • Mistreatment or neglect in the care given
  • Injury caused by inappropriately moving the patient
  • Misdiagnosis of injuries or illness
  • Failure to make a diagnosis

Your life can be forever changed due to an emergency room error.  In just a matter of minutes, you can lose the enjoyment of your health, your life and your future livelihood.  When such an event has occurred, it is important to consult with a lawyer knowledgeable about emergency room errors as soon as possible.  An experienced attorney can help you piece together what has happened and who is responsible.  They can also advise on the damages you should pursue to compensate for your losses.

When you suspect ER neglect, ask an experienced malpractice lawyer.

Doctors, nurses, aides and other emergency personnel should meet accepted standards of care in their treatment of you. If you have concerns about ER negligence, call 612.255.6576 or send an email for a free consultation. We represent clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin.