Prescription Medication Error Attorney

When prescription medications cause serious injuries

Every doctor and pharmacist knows that prescription errors can cause serious injuries and death. Yet mistakes happen. A Centers for Disease Control study reports that ADEs (adverse drug events) lead to 700,000 emergency room visits a year and 120,000 hospitalizations.

If you have had a serious adverse reaction to a drug because of a prescription mistake, talk to a lawyer who has the knowledge and resources to investigate what happened, and the determination to seek justice and financial compensation when appropriate.

Prescription errors happen for many reasons:

  • You’re prescribed a medication that reacts badly with another prescription medication you're taking.
  • You’re prescribed a medication that you're allergic to or have had problems with in the past.
  • You’re prescribed an improper dosage of a medication.
  • You’re prescribed a medication that was supposed to be given to someone else.
  • You’re prescribed the correct medication and the pharmacy gives you a different one.
  • You’re given the correct medication with improper dosage information printed on the bottle.

If you suspect a prescription error caused serious injury, consult a Minnesota drug mistake lawyer.

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