Blood Transfusion Error Attorney

When a mistake causes a blood transfusion injury

A blood transfusion can save a life, but, like any medical procedure, a blood transfusion must be done only when medically necessary and by trained medical professionals who take great care to safeguard against mistakes.

A blood transfusion mistake can cause severe injury or even death. If that happens, the victim and the family deserve honest answers. At the Lommen Abdo Law Firm, our medical malpractice lawyers have the experience, determination and compassion to find the answers and obtain justice and financial compensation.

The errors and effects of blood transfusion mistakes include:

  • Using the wrong blood type
  • Using contaminated blood products
  • Using non–sterile equipment
  • Unnecessary transfusions
  • Seizures, serious illness, death

As soon as you suspect a blood transfusion mistake, talk to a lawyer who knows how to evaluate the circumstances and obtain the evidence.

To find the answers you need, talk to a medical malpractice lawyer.

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