Surgery Error Resulting in Infection or Sepsis

Finding the answers when a surgeon or hospital causes infection

People go to a hospital and undergo surgery to get well. There are times, however, when surgeons and hospital personnel introduce dangerous infections into patients. The cause is usually a failure to follow procedures designed to prevent infections.

Infections such as sepsis can make patients extremely ill, increase their hospital stays (usually in an ICU — intensive care unit), cause permanent damage, and, in some cases, cause death.

Recommendations that can prevent sepsis and other potentially fatal infections include:

  • Patients should be properly prepared for surgery, including minimal hospital stays pre–surgery, identification and treatment of any infections, and thorough cleaning and preparation of the operation site.
  • The surgeon and all operating room staff should scrub thoroughly, use sterile towels, wear sterile gown and gloves, and report any infections.
  • The operating room should be properly ventilated and filtered, with the doors closed, and with limited personnel entering and leaving.

Infections are a serious, life–threatening concern and should be treated as such throughout the hospital and in the operating room. If you or a loved one has contracted sepsis or another infection in a hospital, ask a medical malpractice attorney to investigate and find out how it happened.

Sepsis is caused by negligence. Talk to a lawyer about justice.

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