Surgery Error Resulting in Organ Damage

When a surgeon’s mistake causes organ damage

The long–term effects of organ damage can be painful, life–long, devastating physically and emotionally, and potentially fatal. If you suspect a surgeon damaged an organ during an operation, you need to talk to an attorney who knows how to investigate surgical mistakes.

At Lommen Abdo, our medical malpractice lawyers consult with experienced physicians nationwide to determine what happened, whether it was malpractice, and how justice can be done. People who have suffered organ damage deserve to know what happened — and, if it is the result of a mistake or negligence, they deserve compensation to help them deal with the many devastating consequences of organ damage.

  • Surgery is a major cause of organ damage because surgery opens the opportunity for nearby organs to be at risk when the surgeon is inexperienced or careless.
  • An incorrect incision by the surgeon, pre–surgery or post–surgery infection, or incorrect prescriptions (the wrong medicine or dosage) can cause organ damage.
  • Organ damage can also be caused by injury, alcoholism, high alcohol intake, smoking and disease. A failure to diagnose and properly treat can make the damage worse.

A surgical mistake lawyer at Lommen Abdo can help you determine if organ damage was caused by a doctor’s error.

Ask an attorney about organ damage caused by a surgical error.

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