Minnesota Spine Surgery Error Attorney

Finding the cause of paralysis after spine surgery

When a surgeon operates on the spine or on any part of the body that is close to the spine, special care must be taken to prevent any injury to the spine. The spine carries signals to the rest of the body. A disruption of that function can mean a loss of mobility and a lifetime of paralysis.

There are many ways the spine can be damaged. Some are malpractice related, but most are not. To get an honest, straightforward evaluation of what happened, talk to a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to consult medical specialists and find the answers you need.

Among the causes of spine injuries are:

  • A surgical mistake
  • Improper handling of a patient
  • A misdiagnosed or undiagnosed stroke
  • Failure to properly treat a spinal cord injury or back injury
  • Transportation accidents (car, bus, train, bicycle, ATV, motorcycle)
  • Work accidents
  • Birth trauma

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