Surgery Location Error

When the surgeon operates on the wrong part of the body

When a surgeon operates on the wrong part of the body, it’s called wrong–site surgery (WSS). While it seems like something like that should never happen, unfortunately it does. If you have been the victim of wrong-site surgery, talk to a Minneapolis surgical mistake attorney.

There are widely varying estimates of how often wrong–site surgery occurs. It is relatively rare, but when it happens, it is devastating to the patient. Not only has the wrong location been operated on, but the patient still needs surgery on the right location.

Any wrong–site surgical error is medical malpractice. When the right knee is operated on instead of the left, when a left breast is removed instead of the right, when a functioning eye is removed leaving only a blind eye, or when the wrong foot is amputated, the fault lies with medical professionals and systems that have failed.

Hospitals and surgeons have put standards in place to prevent wrong–site surgery, but it still happens. Why?

  • A surgeon is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Multiple procedures are being performed on the same patient by different doctors
  • The doctor or staff failed to mark the proper site
  • Patient names or charts are mixed up
  • Multiple surgical procedure checks are either non–existent or not followed
  • Lack of communication between health professionals

Whatever the cause, surgical location errors are medical negligence. The patient deserves answers, justice and financial compensation.

Wrong–site surgery is medical malpractice. Talk to a lawyer.

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